Monday, September 12, 2011


I was having a reasonably decent time on my first Monday off. How lucky am I to have Monday off. Noone likes Monday; and I get to spend it with my boy being productive.

Best of all, I woke up for the first time and I was EXCITED about the baby. I know that sounds bad, but before all I could see was the cost and the stress; but today I was excited. I wanted to meet her!

We went to the store; they of course didn't have the blinds we needed which was our only reason for going. But we managed to spend 40$ anyways. Found out later, according to online I wont be able to buy $5 blinds, I'll have to buy $40 costume blinds cause of the stupid size :-(

We went to Medford to find Izze some "dress down day" clothes. We made it through 5 stores before we finally found some clothes she would like. My wallet doesn't love them, but I figure we can handle a few outfits.

By the end of our excursions I'm about to pass out. This pregnancy is causing me to be narcoleptic. I'm sure of it. I sleep 8-10 hours a night and I could still nap 3 hours a day. So when Caden naps, momma naps. I had to set an alarm so we could pick Izze up from Kindergarten on time, and that of course included waking Caden from a dreary sleep.

Of course there are no parking spots near the school, so instead of just leaving Caden happily watching a movie I have to take him the block and half to go get Izze. He was not happy. I was not happy to have to carry a not happy boy.

We come home and I decide to be productive again. Time to put away the kids laundry which Kevin kindly did yesterday. But I notice he never brought it up from the dryer. So I go get it. Its wet. Its been sitting wet since last night. *annoyed*

I turn the dryer on and come back 20 minutes later. The dryer is noticeably quiet, running but quietly and not "shaking" as a dryer does. I open it and the stuff is SITTING still. *GRR*

So I have wet laundry waiting to mold (don't get me started on mold thats a whole nother post) and I do NOT want to go to the freaken laundromat to remedy this situation. I guess I should just be happy that the freaken house didn't burn down from the dryer.

And now I'm back to seeing dollar signs. I'm back to wondering how we can afford all these things (new roof, mold, dryer, clothes I just bought) ON TOP of a new baby; and I hate myself because once again I resent her.

Moral of my story; why is it that even though my Monday's should be nice and relaxed now that I don't work on them; they are still finding a way to be MONDAYS?!?!!?


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