Material Girl

Here are a list of the things I love, I will add to them and maybe take a way, but thats highly unlikely; I'm not putting my family on here, they have their own page

Tickles thats my blankies  I have a few of them, my original from birth is a pile of strings in moms safe, I got a new one when I was 10 (which is now a pile of strings in my bed), I got another when I was 20, that one's in good shape, and another when Cam was born, that is colorful and also in good shape, so at this moment there are THREE in my bed, I love them all equally but for different reasons. Did I mention I love how they smell?!

Sunshine  I am a summer girl.  I'm happiest when I'm warm and catching rays.  Either in some tropical place or in my favorite spot on earth (more to come)

Vacations  to warm places with sunshine preferably.  I love a beach if i could bring all of the other things on this list to the beach with me; well that would be AWESOME.  

Crosslake  This is my summer home.  My favorite spot on earth.  I've been camping there for over 25 years.  I love that little town and its awesome chain of lakes!  

Buffalo Wings (boneless please)  with ranch    Sometimes I venture outside the norm and go for a new sauce (Asian Zing) but I love my classic sauce

Zuppa Toscona fresh from the Olive Garden, or home made.  It doesnt matter.  I just love it.  Can't get enough.  Eat it till its coming out my ears.  YUM 

Chipotle  barbacoa, rice, black beens; red (hot) salsa, cheese.  Sometimes a side of chips and guac!

Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs or Pumpkins  Sometimes the trees, sometimes the hearts, but always the eggs.   God thought I ate too many of these; and now I get sick when I eat them; but sometimes its worth it.

Kindle  I love love love my kindle.  It was the best drunk splurge I ever had at an auction

Tim McGraw; noone looks better in a pair of jeans and a cowboy hat.  YUM