The Crew

In case you don't know me, here's a run down on the crew.

Me.  Aka: Mom; Mommy, Cecile, Cec and a list of occasional other choice names I may be called.

I am your average 18 year old living in a 30 year olds body.  Oh wait.  Well I FEEL 18, but I'm definitely not.  I'm a mommy, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a friend.  In my time away from home; I'm a teacher. I LOVE my job.  I love my students.  I love my families. I love my school.  I'm a bit weird, but how boring would it be NOT to be.  I have horrid spelling; and if thats gonna offend you, too bad.

My husband.  Kevin, Kev, or daddy.

Kev's a patient patient guy.  Those of you who know me well all know that he'd have to be to be married to me.  He lets me think I'm the boss.  He spoils me rotten.  He even cleans.   I'm one lucky girl.   Did I mention he's an AWESOME dad.  When he's not here taking care of us and putting up with my crap, he works at Target Headquarters.  He loves his job.  He does something in logistics with training and HR.  He could tell you more, but it would take a good few hours, cause one think about Kev is he can tell a story; and its a loooong story.  God love him.
Izze.   Isabella, Izza fa Shizza, and on bad days Isadora!

Our first born (human child that is).   She is 5 years old going on 16.  She's got spunk and attitude plus!  She's too smart for our own good.  She doesnt miss a beat.  She can read and write and count well past 100 and she hasn't even started Kindergarten yet.  When she's at home, she's busy tring to be the boss.  She is such a mini me its scary.  Her and I butt heads a lot, but I couldnt be prouder of her.  She has her daddy wrapped around her little finger.   Did I mention she's beautiful?  Well you can see that.   Izze is in swimming; dance and gymnastics and so far, she has much more athletic talent then her mother.  THANK GOD.

Caden.   Cade.  Mr. Man; and mommas lil' stud muffin (or as he'd say 'Mud Stuffin)

Our second child.  Kev hates that I say this; but he is everything I wanted in the one thing I wanted least.   When I was pregnant with Izze, I prayed for a blonde haired, blue eyed, mommas GIRL.  I didn't quite get that, but she was perfect anyways.  With Caden I repeated the prayer, and I got it....but it came in a boy package.  I did NOT want a boy.  I cried at the thought.  But God knew what I needed, and boy was he right.  This boy has me WRAPPED around his finger.  He makes my heart melt every second.  He came into the world with a bang and made SURE that I knew just how much I really wanted him.  And he did a good job.  I get separation anxiety when he's too far.  He's growing into such a big boy, it just kills me. He will ALWAYS be my baby.  Look at those can't you fall in love with him a million times over?

Baby Zuppa:  Coming soon.  EDD is December 10th, 2011.    Baby Zuppa makes her momma obsessed with Zuppa Toscona.  She also appears to have pretty lips like her sister.   Zuppa is a surprise baby whom we are very excited to meet!

Tinkerbelle:  Best known as Belle.  Our REAL first born.  She showed up in my apartment exactly 9 months after Kevin and I started to date.   She was shared between our apartments (we lived one floor apart) and she has moved with us 6 times since.  {she hates to move}  She is also known as Baby Girl; and bitch kitty.   She runs this place but lets me think I do.   She sleeps on my pillow (on my head).  Some find it rude, I know she just loves me best {kev says she's putting me in my place}.  Oh did I mention she's a cat?

Bailey:  Hes Kev's splurge.  And kev NEVER splurges.   Kevin saw him faking an ear infection at the Animal Center and had to go out to the car to get TWO credit cards to pay for him.  Yes, two.  Bailey Beans (or sometimes just Beans) is a Papillion.  If you've never seen a papillion, they sure are cute.  But do NOT buy them.  They are very high anxiety and very yippy but they are beyond loyal.  Beans has the biggest heart I've ever seen.  I actually believe he's a healer.  He knew I was pregnant (both times) before I did. His anxiety will probably kill him young, but we will enjoy every minute until then (except for those when he's marking the furniture).

BooBoo:  Her real name is Botilla.  For booties.  Because she has lil' booty looking feet.  She also has like 2 extra toes on each foot.  I believe the term is "peridactile"   When I saw her on the website I HAD to have her.  Her name was Venus (she's not a venus) and I sent Kevin to fetch that kitten VERY fast.  She is the softest thing you'll ever touch in YOUR LIFE.  She's also a loner.  She loves me best but still prefers to be alone or with her food.  She hisses like no other, people are terrified of her, but she's never harm a fly.  (unlike Belle who is silent but deadly--she once bit Kevs dad and he still has a scar).

FIFA.  Our little soccer ball.  She is our baby.  She was supposed to be my baby but when you have small children and lots of love things don't always work out that way.  She started sooo small and has grown into quite the big girl!   She has more spunk and energy then any Shih-tzu I know.  Though she does love her naps (a true shih tzu trait I love best).  She is beyond sweet and she loves to play!  She is only 6 months old.

Monet.  My angel.  She's gone now, but she was referenced here before and I can't forget this important part of my life.  She came after BooBoo but died this past summer.  She was only 5 years old.  She was my wedding gift to myself (I got her a month or two before the wedding).  She was my soul mate.  She napped with me a lot.  She didn't like to run, why bother when you can walk.  And she loved the farm.  She was QUEEN of the farm.  She left us much too soon and I miss her EVERY day.

Last and not least: This is my mom.  She will be referred to as grandma; mom, lady with the big hair and most often just Gayle.  Even my my children.  Gayle.  Why you ask?  Because when Izze was little and she was at Gayles with our bajillion cousins (my mom is the pied piper of children) they all called her Gayle.  Izze wouldn't settle on grandma; and Gayle its been ever since.  She's the BEST mom ever.  If not for her; I'd live in some warm destination far far away, but I haven't figured out how to hog tie her and make her come with, once I do; I'm outta here!