Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I hear facebook has this new "timeline" feature coming. I'm not sure what it will be like but it got me thinking of my time line from the last week. I hope to never have 6 days like this again.

Thursday: Caden comes home from daycare whiney and crabby. A few hours later, Caden throws up all over his bed. He is up half the night with Kevin sick as a dog.
Friday: Its Nea's birthday. But I get to celebrate MY birthday at work. Aunt Gloria even brought treats. Yeah for that. At lunch I find out I get a call from Chloe and Grandma Priscilla has passed away. Make it through the day but feeling very sad. Get home from a long day (Fridays are the long days at work) and find out dad needs help at the shop, so I go put 3 hours in there. Come home and am in bed an hour later.
Saturday: ITS MY BIRTHDAY. But Caden is STILL sick. So we have to cancel our plans. No party at the Roughtons for us. Also with Priscilla passing, dad is at his wits end and needs help at work. Kevin spends the morning working while I take care of a whiney boy and his sister. I do get graced with a lovely facial. Mom offered to take us to dinner but Caden is still crying with an upset tummy. I'm sad that I can't celebrate, but mom shows up around 7 with a DQ treat for me. Super nice. However, I'm tired. By 8pm I'm in bed and I HAVE CADENS FLU. Happy Birthday to me :-(
Sunday: I wake up and I'm sick ALL day. I'm weak and feel like dying. But its football day. Vikings start off 20pts ahead at half time, then for the 3rd week in a row, they give the game away. At least I won 50$ off the final score. I sleep some more and hope tomorrow I feel better. I get a call from Gregg and Bridgette had surgery today. She is okay but we won't know more till tomorrow. DO NOT LIKE THIS.
Monday: Wake up and take Izze to school, and Caden to daycare. I come home and I'm STILL sick when I eat, though I feel better and less achey. The baby is starving but if I eat I get sick. No food for me. Nap and get ready for the wake at 3pm. Spend the evening there; heavy heavy hearts.
Tuesday: Wake up to moaning. Kevs not feeling well. Time to get ready for funeral, apparently its just me and the kids. 15 minutes later Izze's not feeling well. Then she gets sick. REALLY sick. She stays home with dad and Caden and I go to the funeral. He yells about being hungry for the first hour and half. When its time for lunch he doesnt eat. We come home and nap. He wakes up and had an accident in his unders. PLEASE don't let his flu be back. Clean up is usually Kevs department but he's dying on the couch so I get it. I cook the sickies some food and go to the store. It took THREE stores to find everything we needed. I come home; put groceries away, give the kids baths and put them to bed. I told Kev god forbid something happens to him; our kids will start bathing on a weekly basis in stead of every other day. LOL

I'm TIRED. My feet are swollen. I don't think I could handle this past few days when I WASN'T pregnant more or less when I am.

Dear Lord, I thank you for the few positives in this crazy weekend as they helped me from falling completely into the poor me pitty song. I thank you for helping a wonderful woman end her suffering and bring her joy of being home, though she will be greatly missed. I thank you for he fact that the end of this is all in sight. But most of all I thank you for helping me keep my hormones in check and not lose my mind.


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